Non-Stimulating TV Shows for Little Ones

Non-Stimulating TV Shows for Little Ones

Let's be real – TV is just a part of life in our household, and sometimes, a bit of Cocomelon is just what we need for a break. That was until we discovered the benefits of non-stimulating TV shows for our little ones. 

Understanding that a show should entertain and educate while reflecting on the real lives of children has become our compass in making better decisions about what graces our screen. It's all about finding that sweet spot between engaging and overwhelming.

Here are our top picks for the love bugs at Bubba Cloud:

Bluey (ABC & Disney Kids):
Bluey steals the show with its heartwarming, family-centric vibe. From imaginative adventures to positive themes and the incredible sibling bond between Bluey and Bingo, it's become a staple in our family.

Guess How Much I Love You (ABC Kids): 
Calm and not over-stimulating, sweet stories, positive messages, gentle music and lower-tone graphics.
Trash Trucks (Netflix):
Meet Hank, the six-year-old, and his trusty trash truck friend. Together, they embark on magical journeys with their furry companions, giving us a new perspective on adventure.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Netflix):
Drawing inspiration from the classic Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this award-winning animated series aligns with our little one's social and emotional development

Blues Clues & You (Nick Jr):
Joe and his viewers team up to crack the code of 'what Blue wants to do,' turning it into a delightful and educational experience that flexes those complex reasoning muscles.

Nina's World (Hulu):
Nina and her buddy Star take us on exciting adventures around their neighbourhood. This Latina-centric show beautifully explores themes of family, diversity, and multiculturalism.

Beat Bugs (Netflix):
Following five bug pals as they navigate life, using Beatles songs to share valuable life lessons. It's a toe-tapping, musical journey that keeps the little ones entertained.
Stillwater (Apple TV)
Stillwater focuses on relationships and emotions and learning important lessons in managing emotions and expectations. 
Instead of getting into the TV debate, let's steer towards navigating the tech landscape in our lives. Crafting a plan that suits our family's needs ensures a balanced approach to screen time.
These non-stimulating TV shows? They're like a secret weapon to motherhood – delivering a perfect mix of fun and learning, making screen time a positive and enriching experience for our love bugs.

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