Safety Guidelines


Always Supervise your Baby While they are in the Cloud

With Safety being of upmost importance to us, we have tested the breathability of our padded surround and the base of the Cloud. Our Bubba Cloud's® comply with the British Standard BS4578 on Air Permeability - this is a standard established for infant pillows and bolsters.

Our Safety Guidelines

Please ensure that you read and follow our safety guidelines listed below before using the Bubba Cloud®:
- Direct supervision at all times is required when using the Bubba Cloud®
- Never leave your baby unattended in the Cloud
- To reduce the risk of SID's always place your baby on their back while in the Cloud
- Do not put pillows and blanket in the Cloud
- Always place the Cloud on a flat, firm and stable surface
- Do not place the Cloud on a surface where your baby can fall from
- The Cloud is recommended for babies 0-12 months
- Babies can roll and climb out of the Cloud
- Do not use the Cloud in a cot, bassinet or other enclosed area
- Keep the cloud away from a wall or other vertical structure - babies may become entrapped
- Do not use the Cloud if it is damaged
- Do not place the Cloud close to an open flame
- Always use with caution and trust your instincts!

Always Place Baby on Back

The Bubba Cloud® is a baby lounger and not a baby bed. We encourage that you supervise your baby at all times while they are in the Bubba Cloud and always stay in the same room as your baby while they are lounging in the Bubba Cloud®.

Do Not Use in Cots & Bassinets

We do not recommend co-sleeping with the Bubba Cloud®. The Bubba Cloud® is not a bassinet or an infant matress and does not meet the guidelines set out for these categories and should not be used in place of these items. The Bubba Cloud® is not a crib bumper and should not be placed inside a cot, bassinet or other enclosed area.

Fluff the Cloud

Before you ue the Bubba Cloud® please ensure that you wash your Linen cover by following our Care Guidelines. Palce the cover back onto the Cloud and flip the Cloud between your hands to easily manipulate the cover into position. Push down to create a flat surface inside the centre sling before placing bub in the Cloud.

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Safe Sleep

Bubba Cloud® stands by the safe sleep practises outlined on the Red Nose Website. The safest place for a baby to sleep is in their own bassinet or cot, on a clean and firm mattress, placed on their back with their head and face uncovered. We do NOT recommend or endorse using the Bubba Cloud® for overnight or unsupervised sleeping under any circumstances. You can read more aboutsafe sleep practices here on the Red Nose Website with their latest evidence-based advise on how to keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of sudden infant death.

If you have any further questions about Safety Guidelines, please feel free to email us at