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Trent Williams

I had yet to learn what a Bubba Cloud was. However, I knew my wife wanted one! I thought she would be the one who would use it most. I was pleasantly surprised when our baby girl came along that I was the one who used the Bubba Cloud often! Not just a Mum's best friend! Not to mention, our baby loved chilling out in the Cloud while we enjoyed a morning coffee together.

Comfortable and easy

Reminds my baby of being in the womb. So comfortable and easy to move around. 11/10

Awesome Bubba Cloud

My 2 granddaughters were in their bubba clouds everyday and loved them. Have recently bought 2 for baby shower gifts 1 baby has arrived and he’s enjoying his everyday baby #2 still waiting to enjoy the experience 😀
Great product would highly recommend a practical baby product to use at home and easy to use when visiting family or friends , on a picnic or at the beach .


This is great for bubs. Stops him from rolling and keeps him nice and secure on both the bed and the couch. I usually keep him in the bubba cloud on my bed right by my en-suite so I can see him while I’m having a shower or using the bathroom. He’s happier in that than the swing!!


Beautiful colour and quality! So happy with it

Daily use!

We got gifted our cloud 11 months ago and have used it everyday since our babe was born. Even now when she’s so big we still use it. We have now gifted one for our family expecting a new addition. Best gift ever!


Since having my baby home from 3.5 months in the NICU the bubba cloud has helped us mimick the nests used in hospital to create a snug feeling and are also so easy to work around all his oxygen and monitor cords at home!

Second purchase

We loved our first Bubba Cloud so much that we purchased a second one! The Bubba Cloud in our house acts as a warm hug for our newborn son when we don’t have the hands to hold him. It’s has definitely allowed us to adjust quicker to life with two children under 3.

Bubba cloud

Absolutely LOVE the bubba cloud. So does our toddler and newborn!

Also just worked out that it’s amazing for tummy time 🙊

Beautiful practical product

My partner and I love our new Bubba Cloud. The quality is amazing, aesthetically it looks amazing and for all accounts, bubs loves it.
Highly recommend

Bubba Cloud Organic Baby Lounger Seachange Linen
Ann Robson

A life changer. From bedroom, bathroom, kitchen so handy and versatile. Just love it.

My FAVE item

I bought this one for my friend who is becoming a first time mama as I was gifted this with my first bubba and it was hands down my fave baby item. I’m about 2 weeks away from meeting my baby boy baby no 2 and can’t wait to use the bubbacloud again. Worth every penny, quality is second to none, easy to take everywhere. My absolute fave will be my gift to all my mama to be friends too!

Love everything about it!

Was bought this as a gift and it’s just perfect! Still waiting for bub to arrive but the forest green is just beautiful and the perfect addition and we cannot wait to use it!

Baby Hazel adores her Cloud - she is snug, secure and stylish!

Hands down the best product for new parents

Whilst pregnant, I had seen many new Mums on Instagram who used or were using the bubbacloud and when I was asked by my family what item I particularly wanted or needed, I knew without hesitation that it was a bubbacloud. From the hospital to home, in the car for road-trips and when visiting friends, it has been a staple for our baby and helpful to keep her safe and sound when we can’t physically hold her. It reminds me of a mothers/fathers arms, a big warm hug, a comfy bed. So grateful I found it.

Best purchase

My most used baby item. Love it

A real “cloud”

Couldn’t be happier with our bubba cloud. The name is perfect as it feels like just like a cuddly cloud! Such high quality material throughout and the soft spearmint colour is beautiful. Love it


I bought this bubba cloud for my new granddaughter. She absolutely loves it and am going to purchase another one for my incoming grandson. Fabulous product and I will be spreading the word!

Bought another Bubba Cloud

When I found out my daughter was having twins one of my first thoughts was to buy another Bubba Cloud. A baby essential.


Our Bubba cloud is the perfect little chill out zone for our girl, she relaxes almost instantly. Perfect! The colour is lovely too! ❤

A Newborn Must!

This has quickly become our favourite purchase for bubs! When all else fails other than cuddling her to sleep, the Bubba Cloud comes to our rescue…keeping her cosy and calm. We also love that the linen cover blends in nicely with our decor. I would recommend this as an essential to any parents to be!

Floating on a cloud ❤️

Absolutely beautiful quality - bub will be literally floating on a cloud when she arrives! I wish they made an adult version. Customer service was incredible too, I received my order within 24 hours. Thank you! X

Soft and luxurious!

I absolutely love my Pinstripe Cover! It's so super soft and easy to take off and throw in the wash when needed. It's a perfect stripe and looks so beautiful in my house - adore it!

Dream cloud

When the gorgeous little man does let his beautiful Mumma pop him down out of her arms, he loves nothing more than to snuggle in his cloud! Thank you xx

New born essential!

Our bubba cloud was gifted to us on the pending arrival of our rainbow baby. What a gorgeous and luxurious gift it proved to be. We used it day in and day out and it wore so well. It was perfect for our baby born in July keeping her so snuggly during the winter days and was so helpful after a c-section. We were so thankful for our special friend gifting us the bubba cloud. It truly is an essential item 💛