Our Story


Humble beginnings

In 2018, Bubba Cloud came to life with a vision – to craft the dreamiest, cloud-like baby loungers. Our goal was simple: to emulate the fluffiest, softest cloud, making Bubba Cloud® the perfect companion for both lounging and the many adventures babies embark upon.
Our cloud-like creation wasn't just designed for lounging; it quickly became a cherished addition to the family, joining along for beach time, picnics in the park, socialising at friends' houses, or simply providing the freedom to move and explore.
Now, let's introduce the heart and soul behind Bubba Cloud – Kath, the director and owner of Bubba Cloud and a mama to three beautiful children. Kath's passion for creating a haven of comfort for little ones has been the driving force behind Bubba Cloud, making each lounger a testament to the love and care poured into every stitch. Welcome to the world of Bubba Cloud, where dreams are as soft as clouds and adventures unfold in the gentle embrace of comfort.

Mum And Baby Sitting By The Pool, Whilst The Baby Is Doing Tummy Time In The Forest Green Bubba Cloud Baby Lounger, The Baby Is Smiling At The Camera And The Mum Is Smiling Looking At The Baby

Quality first

Bubba Cloud's® vision and insight was to always manufacturer a baby lounger free from harmful chemicals and to create a lounging environment that is breathable, and manufactured to the highest quality. 

We have sourced materials that have been tested free from harmful toxins, from the organic cotton Cloud, to the outer luxurious, 

☁️ Hands Free moments just got easy and safe
☁️ Machine Washable
☁️ Pure French Flax Linen Covers
☁️ Crafted with Babies Safety at priority
☁️ Versatile - Take your cloud everywhere
☁️ Breathability Test and Approved
☁️ Award Winning Baby Nest
☁️ Most Wanted Baby Shower Gift

From our Family to yours

Bubba Cloud® was designed to assist you and nest your bub - like a dreamy friend who gives you 5 minutes of uninterrupted time to put the oil diffuser on, grab a cuppa and enjoy some much-needed free time just to breathe deeply.

Bubba Cloud is so much more than an online shopfront.
It’s about our people, making you feel seen, heard and cherished

Uniquely designed by an Australian Mama, for parents like you!

From our family to yours, we hope you love and adore your Bubba Cloud® as much as we have loved creating this for you! x  

Baby Laying In Bubba Cloud Linen Lounger Smiling At The Camera