Our Story


Humble beginnings

Bubba Cloud® is inspired by our very own little muse – Hazey Jane. The vision was born alongside our beautiful baby girl in 2018, when doting dad would carry Hazey from bassinet to the comfort of the European pillows adorning the bed. He mused at how comforting, soft, and protective it looked - reminiscent of a cloud.

After a lot of thinking and designing, mum and dad thought up the idea to create their very own dreamiest of cloud-like baby loungers, ensuring the result was an emulation of the fluffiest, softest cloud. The baby lounger then endured thorough testing with baby Hazey, and they soon noticed the Bubba Cloud® was perfect not only for lounging, but a welcome addition to bub's beach time, picnics in the park, socialising at friends’ houses or even just freeing up parents’ hands.

Quality first

Bubba Cloud's® vision and insight was to always manufacturer a baby lounger free from harmful chemicals and to create a lounging environment that is breathable, and manufactured to the highest quality. Mum and Dad source materials that have been tested free from harmful toxins, from the organic cotton Cloud, to the outer luxurious, 100% French Flax linen covers.

From our Family to yours

Bubba Cloud® was designed to assist you and nest your bub - like a dreamy friend who gives you 5 minutes of uninterrupted time to put the oil diffuser on, grab a cuppa and enjoy some much-needed free time just to breathe deeply.

From our family to yours, we hope you love and adore your Bubba Cloud® as much as we have loved creating this for you! x