French Flax Linen & Your Catch Up With Director, Kath

French Flax Linen & Your Catch Up With Director, Kath

Here at Bubba Cloud® HQ, our love affair with linen runs deep. It is durable, soft, and undeniably Instagram-worthy and holds a special place in our hearts for several reasons. Let's dive into why we've chosen 100% French Flax Linen for all our covers: 


Linen, woven from the flax plant, finds its roots in the fields of France. Renowned for its ideal growing conditions, French flax yields superior fibres, resulting in high-quality linen – the very fabric we've handpicked for our clouds.

Temperature Regulation:

One of linen's remarkable qualities is its natural ability to adapt to the body's temperature. As the seasons shift, linen remains a constant source of comfort – lighter and cooler in summer and snug and insulating in winter. Its breathable weave ensures airflow, while its moisture-absorbing properties keep your bub dry and comfy year-round.

Ease of Care:

Stronger and thicker than cotton, linen is built to last. Its durability means it can easily handle daily use, and its "lived-in" look only adds charm. Cleaning is a breeze – toss your Bubba Cloud cover in the wash, and its quick-drying nature takes care of the rest.

Luxurious Softness:

Linen ages like fine wine, becoming increasingly soft and luxurious with each wash. Its hypoallergenic properties make it safe for even the most delicate skin, providing a cozy haven for your little one to snuggle and lounge in.

Sustainability & Purity:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our linen covers, which are sourced responsibly and free from harmful chemicals. French flax requires minimal water and energy, making it eco-friendly for your family and the planet. 

Indulge in our new range of 100% French Flax Linen Cloud covers, available in an array of soft pastels and neutral hues to complement any home. Experience the epitome of comfort and style with Bubba Cloud® – because every snuggle deserves to be surrounded by luxury. 🌿✨

Message from director

Kath here, hoping this email finds you either well-rested or fully caffeinated – whichever gets you through the day! ✨

I wanted to touch base and share some exciting news from behind the scenes at Bubba Cloud HQ. We've been busy bees planning for what we hope will be our biggest year yet! And let me tell you, we've got some amazing things in store.

This year, our focus is on empowering mums. We're all about creating a safe space for every mama out there in her journey through motherhood. For us, our presence goes beyond just being an online shopfront. We're here to inspire, uplift, and support our community – to make each and every one of you feel heard, loved and appreciated.

 Because at the end of the day, it's all about our people – the incredible individuals behind the brand and the wonderful community we've built together.

And speaking of community, I have to share a little secret with you – every time an order comes through, I do a little happy dance. Seriously! There's something truly special about seeing your orders come in, knowing that our clouds are finding their way into homes and hearts, and watching babies grow in them brings me immense joy.

Each week, I'm here to share some tips, insights, and a little peek into my own journey – because let's face it, we're all in this together, and getting to know each other makes the journey all the more meaningful.

So, grab your favourite cuppa, cozy up, and dive into another week of learning, growing, and connecting. And don't forget to place your little one in the ever-so-comfy Bubba Cloud

Show: I have to admit, my guilty pleasure is watching MAFS. Even though I know it's probably sucking the life out of my brain, I just can't resist tuning in!

Podcast: I've been hooked on "Health, Happiness, and Human Kind," especially episode 467: Iron Levels, Heavy Periods, and Why the Mirena Isn't the Answer with Steph Lowe. It's been eye-opening and informative! Click here to listen: here

Health Hack: Did you know you can boost the vitamin D content of your mushrooms by putting them in the sun before cooking? It's a simple trick that adds an extra nutritional punch to your meals! 🍄☀️

Favourite quote this week:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining this journey with us. We appreciate you more than words can express! 💖

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