Here for the 2023 Mems

Here for the 2023 Mems

Posted by Kathleen Hansen on

It's that time of year we sit back and reflect (maybe even have some tears) on the year that was - and WOH! It 'was it a year'. 
Take a walk down memory lane with us as we show our top loves of 2023. 
In April 2023, I (Kath) took ownership of Bubba Cloud. Jess and Murray always spoke toward searching for the right person who would fit the Bubba Cloud values and had the vision & mission of expansion to match. Jess and Murray *loved* that I was a Mum (of three) and had walked the tightrope of Motherhood a few times over—most enormous gratitude to these amazing humans and their little loves.
Bubba Cloud carried on the ode of multiple award winners for our linen baby lounger. We oozed with excitement to even reach the finalists, let alone be WINNERS. And, we owe the wins to you - thank you 
Bubba Cloud was featured in VOGUE (bucket list tick) and Natural Parenting Magazine! I have loved exploring this way to reach new Mums and feel immense joy each time I see Bubba Cloud featured. We would love to share our baby lounger and new lines in more magazines and articles in 2024. #goals
By the closing of 2023, I (Kath) have crafted new additions to the Bubba Cloud family, ready to launch in 2024. This has been tricky and super fulfilling as I navigated my way through suppliers, practices and materials reflecting our ethics and not getting too caught up in the fast-paced environment. I am genuinely thrilled (and quietly quivering) to be adding to Bubba Cloud in 2024. My mission is to create quality, consciously made products that make the journey of Motherhood comfortable, easy and luxe at the forefront of our minds.
Our Top Blog Posts from 2023 - Yes, we were a little quiet over here. I look forward to dishing up a pleasant surprise (another one that makes me quiver) in 2024. And, although I do feel fear here, I am pumped to get the partay started, so stay tuned. 'Cos this ones for YOU! Until then, check out these 2023 posts! 
Eco-friendly newborn essentials: click here
Non-toxic sunscreen for our little loves: click here
Sitting down with Bel White, Nutritionist & Mama: click here
Chatting with Bec Conforti Founder of Prae Stores: click here
From the depths of my heart, I wish each of you a year filled with love and success in 2024. Thank you for being here and choosing The Original Linen Baby Lounger. 

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