Mumma Musing Series 7 ~ Fabienne from YCL Jewels

Mumma Musing Series 7 ~ Fabienne from YCL Jewels

Welcome to our Mumma Musing Series 7 where we chat with gorgeous new mumma, highly successful business owner and entrepreneur, beautiful wife, daughter and friend, Fabienne from YCL Jewels aka @fabienne.ycl. This segment celebrates the mumma's in our life, where we chat all things motherhood. From the journey, the joys, the juggle and everything in between. 

Hi Fabienne, firstly how are you? And for those who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about you and your family? Hi, my name is Fabienne! I live on the Southern end of the beautiful Gold Coast with my partner Dale and daughter Season, our whippet Opal and two cats Salem and Spirit. I am so well, soaking up each harmonious and chaotic moment with my daughter Season, as I learn how to be her Mummy.

Motherhood didn’t come to you simply and you’ve been very open in sharing your journey through IVF, can you tell us about this and your journey to motherhood? We tried to have our daughter for two years, first via natural conception and then through IVF. I saw Dr. Kee Ong here on the Gold Coast for my fertility treatment. I was blessed to get 5 embryo's on my first egg pick up, and Season was conceived with our lucky-last, 5th embryo. Her middle name is Wednesday as most of my transfers before Season were done on a Wednesday, so this is our way of honouring her siblings that didn't make their way into the physical realms. 

You’ve just completed the “fourth trimester”, and three months as your new role as a “mum”, so far what does Motherhood mean to you? When I think of what Motherhood is I think of what my own Mother means to me, and it is indescribable. Knowing I am her safety, her world, her warm space, her Mamma, well, it is truly the highest form of my destiny in this lifetime.

You’re a mumma, entrepreneur, businesswoman, partner, friend – what does a typical day look like for you, and how do you juggle these roles? Look, I am still working on the 'juggling' aspect, I am finding it VERY challenging to say the least. I want to be as present for Season as I can, however, I also love my job and being physically in the office. I am very fortunate that my partner has taken around 7 months off work, so he's been a huge support. Right now I go into work one day a week, with Season and my partner so I am able to still breastfeed her on demand whilst also being able to work while my partner looks after her. I am open to this changing as she gets older and I am trying to just surrender to the flow right now. 

Being a mum is no easy feat and we always need a village of support around us! Who do you look to for inspiration, motivation and advice? I have a few dear friends that are Mamma's themselves, and are so generous with their knowledge. They have been my pillars!


You’ve experienced a lot throughout your life, building up your business into a successful empire and being faced with the journey of IVF – drawing from all of these defining moments, what lessons do you most want to teach your daughter? Never say never, trust that the light shines when it is most dark and to follow your heart, wherever it may take you.

We’ve seen your beautiful daughter Season loving her Bubba Cloud, what do you most love about it? We have tried to be very minimal with what we've bought Season. Even as a newborn she did not have 100's of clothes, in fact, she only wore 6 onesies in rotation haha (lots of washing!). But I KNEW I wanted a Bubba Cloud. I actually feel her Bubba Cloud is one of her most sacred things she owns, because it's been with her from day one and now being 14 weeks old still uses it daily. Season has a very strong startle reflex, so feeling cocooned is not only how she feels safe - it's also paramount for her to relax! I love that she has such a special and safe association with it, and how transportable it is. 

Lastly, we’d love to know if you could give one piece of advice to a new/expecting mother, what would it be? It will be scary, everyone will be telling you different things and there is a vast amount of information out there to distract you. Listen to yourself and try to be as calm as possible. Some days are harder than others, some days go in the complete opposite direction to what we expected. It's normal and it is okay. Just like their first few days, weeks, months, all will pass. So soak every moment up.



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